All of us follow a routine, and to break the monotony of our lives; we go out for shopping, movie, eat at some restaurant, take few days off for a holiday with family or friends...Our lives move on like this.
We see life at large and often we miss to cherish the moments that were really special. That though touched us but somehow got lost in the flow of life...
God gives at least one such moment to all of us daily...YES, DAILY! The only difference is sometimes we experience them personally and sometimes it’s the other people's lives that touch us. Whichever ways we get touched, the moment brings a true smile on our face and makes us believe that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...
So here am I, collecting those touching moments that make me smile with all my heart and that god gifts me every day...

Sunday, 17 July, 2011

"Aas Paas Hai Khuda..."

Maa is sleeping right in front of me...At regular intervals she calls my name coz she wants to change her position and today she can't do it herself...She had an operation...All is well now but things were different 2 weeks back...
2nd of July, 2011
I was on my way back to Bhopal...Called Anku (my lil sis) to remind her to go and collect maa's reports from Apollo Clinic...she did "hmm...hmm...", Maa called after 5mins and asked "Anku batayi nai ki humlog Doctor ke paas se aa gaye"... I said "No"...Maa laughed (She has always laughed in pain...and guess that made many people feel that she had never been in pain...anyways...) so maa laughed and said..."anku to tab se ro rahi kahe hain ki kidney me stone to hai hi par kidney bhi shayad damage ho gai hai...remove karna padega..." 
WHAT???? I was like...maa how can u say such a serious thing like this...and why are you laughing...I am not going back..I am returning to pune right away...
"Arey nahi beta..pahle tests ho jaane do saara..."
This time I did "hmm hmm..." 
Was....I was blank...Every thought was having a counter thought..sab ghichpich ho raha tha...Finally I turned my music player on and selected "Aas paas hai khuda..." Was trying to heal myself and then "this" magic happened...It was raining and amidst the water droplets I saw "om" written on the glass window of  the bus...the words of the songs were "Ki chalta hoon main tere sang me...ho shaam bhi to kya...."
It brought a smile on my face...It made me feel as if God is reassuring me that he is there...and there is nothing to worry...
And today I know he was doing that only... God wanted me to feel positive coz he was not going to allow any negative to happen  to maa... :) 
After tests which were really painful...Doctor told us that the kidney was not completely damaged and immediate operation will make e'thing good...Yes, during those two weeks I cried, I panicked, I was under stress, I felt I have left maa and esp. my lil kid anku alone...had lots and lots of mixed feelings...
But today all those mixed feelings take a sigh of relief when the operation has gone well and Doctor has assured that there is nothing to worry now...
Touch wood and Thank you God for being there... :)

[**BTW No special reasons for being absent for so long from this blog, all credit goes to my laziness... :P ]

Friday, 18 March, 2011

A "Kishmish..." Smile

Thursday 17-03-2011:
Where does happiness lie?
In gold, in diamond or in platinum???
What if I say, for me it lies in "Kishmish"...Yes! you read it correct...Kishmish i.e. Raisin in English.
Amidst the pathetic food in Hostel mess, my eyes twinkled when I saw lots of kishmish in kheer - that was the dessert of the day...I even had a spoon fight with a friend for looting the kishmish and that too from her plate... ;)
Among all the smiles of my day, I found this smile worth sharing...
Wish everyone a kishmish Smile!!! :)

Sunday, 13 March, 2011

Birthdays are meant to be Special!

B'days are always special...
No! Its not my b'day today...Still 8 days to go :)
But yesterday I celebrated my b'day with friends...and the day gave me a beautiful feeling of newness...
First of all new dress with matching ear ring and footwear (which was a part of a major discussion on 11th night among all of us), 
Movie @ Magnum - a whole new royal experience of watching movie on 100% recliner sofas and welcome drink served on the seats,
Cake cutting @ Chocolate Story...yummmmmmmmm 
Relaxed and had double burst Pizza @ DB Lounge 
Some touch up @ Natural Beauty Salon
the Grand part of the day was Dinner at Jehanuma - a 19th century palace. We tried a wide range of cuisines from all round the world in buffet @ Shahnama... :)
Last but not the least...the beautiful smile on our faces made the day just "PERFECT"!!! and yes I can say for the day Lived the day Queen Size ;)

Wednesday, 9 March, 2011

Dil to bachcha hai jee...

For me, smile on the face of my loved ones matters lot and if they are troubled I feel helpless and today is such a day... But an evening walk with friends finding fun and happiness in matching our steps like little kids gave a beautiful feeling...
We are considered as grown-ups and obviously WE ARE but life is too good when we forget that fact... 
सच तो यही है... "दिल तो बच्चा है जी!!!" :)

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011

Captured Moments

Before starting with my daily notes, I have some moments captured in my heart which I wanted to pen down long back and truly speaking they are behind this new blog of mine...

Captured Moment No. 1 - 
One day I was sitting in Gyan Mandir (NLIU Library) and going through books for one of my project. I was completely involved in my work and suddenly got distracted by a kid's voice...I raised my head and saw the library guard with two little kids. They were his children and he was showing them his workplace...He was telling them everything about the library, where the books are kept, where the librarian sits, where the students sit...each and everything; and the kids were so proud of their father, they had a beautiful smile on their face and the elder sister was explaining things to her little brother... 
That made me smile...I could feel the excitement of those kids, the happiness of that guard...Yes, it does not matter whether you are some big shot or an ordinary guard, what matters is the happiness of your loved ones..Money can't buy that twinkle which was in the eyes of the guard and his kids..Somethings are priceless...
I just want to let Maa know, I am blessed to be your daughter...Whatever you did and still do for us is priceless...When I talk to somebody about you, my smile says it all that how proud I am to have you as my mamma.... :)

Captured Moment No. 2 :-
3rd January 2011 - I received my first gift as a teacher... :) :) :) I was so so so happy on getting that... I used to give gifts to my teachers when I was a student and now receiving one as a teacher is indeed special.
My student who gifted me a diary and a chocolate is in 3rd year LL.B and a CA by profession...he came after class and wished me happy new year...he said that the classes are interactive and since he had already studied company law, he is able to recall whatever I teach...I felt so blessed to receive those spl. comments...
I had a broad smile on my face while driving back to home... I was happy that I am not making a wrong decision by choosing to be a Lecturer and moreover I got my first Professional Gift  :)

Captured Moment No. 3 :-
A friend without knowing that people used to call me, said that my name should be "Gappu"...Yes, it touched coz of memories attached to this name... :)

Captured Moment No. 4 :-
I felt blessed when I was going through a tough time before my 1st Semester Exams at NLIU in November 2010 and my "friends" stood with me and made me feel that I am not alone...One day before exam they were not bothered that it will affect their results and were there with me for me... I really felt blessed and I have no words for what I feel for them... :)

Captured Moment No. 5 :-
Dancing with Bhai at Chokhidani...A moment that I will cherish forever! :)

Captured Moment No. 6 :-
I know if I will not mention about her she will get deeply I can not miss this one... ;)
Driving on airport Road on a rainy day with Anku singing a beautiful song behind me gives me a beautiful feeling... :)