All of us follow a routine, and to break the monotony of our lives; we go out for shopping, movie, eat at some restaurant, take few days off for a holiday with family or friends...Our lives move on like this.
We see life at large and often we miss to cherish the moments that were really special. That though touched us but somehow got lost in the flow of life...
God gives at least one such moment to all of us daily...YES, DAILY! The only difference is sometimes we experience them personally and sometimes it’s the other people's lives that touch us. Whichever ways we get touched, the moment brings a true smile on our face and makes us believe that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...
So here am I, collecting those touching moments that make me smile with all my heart and that god gifts me every day...

Sunday, 13 March, 2011

Birthdays are meant to be Special!

B'days are always special...
No! Its not my b'day today...Still 8 days to go :)
But yesterday I celebrated my b'day with friends...and the day gave me a beautiful feeling of newness...
First of all new dress with matching ear ring and footwear (which was a part of a major discussion on 11th night among all of us), 
Movie @ Magnum - a whole new royal experience of watching movie on 100% recliner sofas and welcome drink served on the seats,
Cake cutting @ Chocolate Story...yummmmmmmmm 
Relaxed and had double burst Pizza @ DB Lounge 
Some touch up @ Natural Beauty Salon
the Grand part of the day was Dinner at Jehanuma - a 19th century palace. We tried a wide range of cuisines from all round the world in buffet @ Shahnama... :)
Last but not the least...the beautiful smile on our faces made the day just "PERFECT"!!! and yes I can say for the day Lived the day Queen Size ;)


  1. nice truely wonderful experiance tough to express in words but still u have done a wonderful job

  2. beautiful smile kahti hai... humne bahut mazaa kiya .

  3. खुशी को खुशियों भरा यह यादगार पल मुबारक हो ....।।